Advanced Learning Medicine EMR Project

The Electronic Medical Records Project

Together with the surgical science team, HEDC EdTecj has embarked on an ambitious project to create a virtual learning space within which real world learning can occur. The project focuses on the 4- week cycle that 4th year medical students spend in the surgical sciences department. The intention is to create technical tools that support students as they connect with their assigned patients and walk with them during their time in hospital care. One of these technical project is the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform. 

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Platform
Using open source EMR code, a platform has been designed in collaboration with the ITS department to allow students to take part in real world clinical note taking practices. With its calendar centric design, students use workflow processes to monitor their tasks and record their patient’s surgical journey.

The EMR platform was designed to encourage students to pivot from operating in an academic framework to a clinical framework. The system requires the students to become masters at planning their time and documenting their activities as they accompany their patient in and out of hospital care.

Feedback from both the students and clinicians piloting the platform have allowed our team to tweak and perfect its capabilities. It is hoped that this mock system will prove useful to numerous papers within the University of Otago medical programme.