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The Importance of Mobile Infrastructure

“Technology is set to transform education over the next decade as much as it has revolutionised the rest of our lives in the past decade. It has huge potential to engage more learners and improve the learning experience” – Matthew Hancock, Business and Enterprise Minister 2014-15, June 2014

Mobile technology allows convenience and flexibility to for students to engage with a variety of digital systems tailored to their student needs. There is a growing awareness by universities of the increasing proportion of the student body in higher education have grown up immersed in the digital age. Consequently, an ever greater technology knowledge gap has been emerging between educators and those they educate.

These systems offer universities a single SaaS platform that deliver a unified digital experience, including branded and personalized services, on any device and across every digital touch point, including portals, native mobile apps, and wearables. This means institutions can deliver information and services directly to students via their mobile device. With a range of integrations with key university systems such as eVision, Blackboard timetable and Library Services.


Academic Related


  • Otago Skype for Business / Yammer Network (Otago Student Office 365)
  • Student Groups (Otago Office 365)
  • PASS – Peer-Assisted Study Sessions – networking
  • Email (Office 365)
  • Planners (dynamic – within Office365)
  • Calendars (dynamic – within Office365)


  • Blackboard | Moodle
  • PASS – content
  • Podcasts
  • Library – search / content ExLibris
  • Otago Capture – lectures – echo365
  • Student Learning Centre Workshops/supports (lists + booking)
  • Library Training (resources + session lists + bookings)
  • ITS Library Training (resources + session lists + bookings)
  • OUSA – access to important content


  • eVision – SITS
  • Student Evaluations(staff & Courses) (per semester)
  • Student Opinion Survey (pa)
  • Schedules
  • Student voice
  • OUSA – schedules / notifications / voting etc
  • Campus Maps
  • Room booking
  • Otago App – Wish List


  • OUSA
  • Clubs & Socs