Ben Daniel

I teach Research Methodology (Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods), and Educational Technology. For over a decade, my research focused on studying the development of advanced learning technologies for supporting learning and teaching. Currently, I am exploring the role of emergent technologies (Big Data and Learning Analytics, and Social Media) in enhancing learning, teaching and research. I am also researching into the praxis and theories of teaching Research Methodology, and its development as a distinct discipline. Previously, I worked in the health care sector as a Research Methodologist and Innovation Analyst. I also worked in the software industry as a Knowledge Management Software Architect and Learning Specialist.


Richard Zeng

Richard holds a Master's degree in Computer Science (earned in China), and worked for several international companies before moving to New Zealand. His professional interests are programming, especially web programming (Java is his favorite programming language), and using relational databases with dynamic web technology. His goal is to work as a professional programmer.


Joyce Koh

I am an Associate Professor in higher education, focusing on educational technology. Facilitating educators to translate educational technology theories into usable and effective pedagogical practices drives my research. To date, my research work has contributed validated surveys for the assessment of teachers’ confidence in their technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) for constructivist-oriented pedagogies; as well as design rubrics and TPACK design processes to support educators’ creation of 21st century learning practices. I am interested in developing understanding about TPACK and design thinking in different subject areas, as well as in higher education, school-based, and adult learning contexts.

Research Interests
• Design thinking
• Pedagogical change for 21st century learning
• Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK)
• Instructional design and e-learning

Russell Butson

Russell is a senior lecturer in higher education/educational technology. His research is focused on the learning that takes place within the university setting. He is currently leading a research program that incorporates innovative topics and methods to explore, understand and change our conceptions and approaches to academic learning. He is a pioneer in the use of digital devices and sensors to capture naturally occurring behavioural data (Reality Mining). His current research is focused on the role of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in the academic development of faculty and students.


Hamidreza Mahroeian

Doctoral Student

Hamid's research is about "Unlocking The Value of Big Data and Analytics in Higher Education Institutions". The main purpose of this research is to explore the role of Big Data and Analytics in addressing contemporary challenges in Higher Education. More specifically, the objectives of the project is to address the following questions:
1. How are institutions of Higher Education currently collecting information/data in order to use analytics to guide decision-making?
2. To what extent are analytics implemented in Higher Education institutions to guide decision-making?
3. To what extent are analytics influencing matters on decision-making in Higher Education?

Senorita John

Doctoral Student

Traditionally, student-focused research has concentrated on learning as a result of teaching, exploring the impact of teaching practices and the impact of instructional design models. However, much of a student’s time ‘at university’ is not actually spent in the classroom. Senorita’s research proposes that a more holistic perspective of the student experience (in both academic and non-academic realms) is needed to provide insights into the impact of educational expectations, and bring about change within the higher education environment. The aim of this research is to build a picture of the academic, social, psychological and behavioural aspects of undergraduate health science students at a research-intensive university in the hope of discovering new insights into student learning for the 21st century.

Farah Shawkat

Doctoral Student

The main goal of my research is to explore the salient features of teacherpreneurism as an emergent pedagogy in 21st century digital learning landscape in higher education.  I explore the conception of teacherpreneurship, what it means to be a teacherpreneur within a dynamic digital context of higher education.  The goal of this work is to develop, test and validate models and frameworks to support university teachers' better use of digital tools in their teaching.

Glory Ndukwe

Doctoral Student

I would love to build my career in the field of Data Science. My area of research is in Big Data Analytics. The aim of my research is to implement Learning Analytics in Higher Education to improve Teaching Practice and Learning Experience. I will be looking at student text data and how to generate value from them to improve the teacher. According to Feldman, (2007), most of the data generated in the world today are driven by unstructured data. Big Data can be likened to gold hidden in the mines. I will be looking at how to mine this vast amount of data to find the hidden value in it that would perhaps, add value to the institution.

Taylor Wilson

Kait O’Callahan

Masters Student